So Nice, They Called NBA Twice

This month, an incredibly special Nate Berkus Associates project graces the cover of the Winter issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago. One that the firm’s co-design director, Sasha Adler, designed not once, but twice!


  • The owners, a young family in Chicago, called Sasha back to their condo after purchasing the full floor of their building. Which gave her the opportunity to rework the space and transform the additional square footage into an entertaining mecca, as well as the family haven of their dreams.

The additional space was a boon for sure, but also introduced a challenge: how would it be incorporated into their already stylish home? “With the new design, we wanted it to feel more open, have a fantastic flow and feel different than the original space,” Sasha told Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago. That meant carving out two distinct parts of the home, one more entertaining-focused, the other strictly for family.


But don’t think that meant different design schemes in the two parts: throughout the home, Sasha employed an array of antique furniture and lighting and an incredible art collection. It’s all punctuated by custom modern pieces, from the limestone coffee table to the showpiece brass and glass dining table.

  • The result is a home where no corner is left unconsidered – and every room calls out to be lingered in and admired.


    What’s more, the project proved that even a job well done always holds the potential to go to even greater heights.


    As Sasha put it: “The second renovation gave us an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the finishes and architecture of the home and elevate them to the standards of their collection.”

You can read the full story by Andrea Mills in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago. Photography by Werner Straube.

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