How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

From a design perspective we can share bedroom-decorating tips for days, but there’s only so much that neutral color schemes and high-quality sheets can do. If you’re not prioritizing a good night’s sleep, you’re not your best self. And Arianna Huffington wants to change that.


“Restoring sleep to its proper role in our lives starts with something as simple as it is profound: asking ourselves what kind of life we want to lead, what we value, what gives our lives meaning,” she says in her new book, The Sleep Revolution. She, like Nate, believes that our bedrooms need to an honored space, kept apart from the chaos of daily life.


The book is clearly resonating with many of you – and has inspired us to share some of our favorite parts, as well as a round up of Nate’s best good-bedroom, good-sleep tips.

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