Behind The Scenes: Polishing A Classic Home

Plenty of couples have joint hobbies – they run together, garden together, or cook together. Nate and Jeremiah? They bought a house together and restored and furnished it within an inch of perfection before putting it on the market for a lucky and stylish Angeleno to enjoy.


The Hollywood Hills home – a 1920s Spanish stunner packed with natural light and classic details – got an update that both celebrated and fine-tuned its classic history, which includes an Art-Deco bathroom, original ironwork, and a quality plaster fireplace that deserve pride of place, not a bulldozer.


“When you’re renovating an old home, pick some things that are charming and leave them alone!” says Nate on the importance of having a light touch when dealing with a classic. Take a look below at his and Jeremiah’s handiwork – starting with a video tour from their Rachael Ray segment!

See how Nate and Jeremiah Brent restored a classic 1920s home with style and respect.

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