Behind The Scenes: Nate’s New Headshot

When Nate launched his baby collection last month there was a lot to celebrate. The collection of course, with every bodysuit and pom pom bin, the internet-breaking video, and the parade of adorable kiddos making the collection their own.


What more could there possibly be to celebrate? Nate’s brand-new headshot to go with the collection. We worked with photographer Cheyenne Ellis to capture Nate as not just a designer, but a parent. That meant a low-key dress code, a warm smile, and some true-to-daily-life stubble.


Of course, there was one thing we didn’t leave low-key: Nate’s hair. He most definitely did not “wake up like that.” As he’s proclaimed in the past, not even Moses could part his curly locks. Hair and makeup stylist Abby Woodman was on hand to help whip it into photo-ready shape.


Want more behind-the-scenes action? Check out this video below…

Complete with cameos from Jeremiah, their dog Tucker, and the many faces that make up a truly great headshot.

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