Secrets Behind This New-Traditional Makeover

So far in Nate & Jeremiah By Design on TLC, the couple has addressed family issues, health issues, and relationship issues, and managed to heal by, as the show’s name goes, design. But last episode’s story brought in the highest stakes of the season.


Azadeh, Moshen, and their two children were living in a rental for the past seven months since their home flooded. Add in health complications for teenage Isabella, and you’ve got a family desperately in need of a place to call home.

  • Damage from, and evidence of the flood were all around. Walls, floors, furnishings – all ruined. You can see it turn into the beautiful space it is now in this transformation video. As for the design decisions that drove the full-house renovation?…

  • "It feels like we're walking into a magazine." -Azadeh Saeedy

Nate and Jeremiah knew that the Saeedys wanted their home to be warm, comfortable, and timeless – but with a little sparkle. So they focused on bringing in special materials and textures that would balance those needs. Ceramic floors in the master bath, a beautiful vintage rug in the family room, and wood floors throughout that have enough movement and life to keep them from ever feeling boring.


And then there’s our favorite design move, right there in our favorite room. Nate insists on adding in piece of furniture to mix with all the clean surfaces in the master bath. “It makes it feel like a great old hotel room in Paris,” he explains. And it’s responsible for helping making the room looks three times as large.


Now: these design moves may be the most powerful, but when we talk about the most powerful moments in the episode? Well, we won’t even try to put it into words. Make sure to catch up on the show to see Isabella choosing her paint color and her reaction to her new room. Worried that might bring the waterworks? Well then prepare for the comic relief that is #leopardpillowgate.


Ultimately, and you knew we were going to say this, you can watch the full episode here and be sure to tune in for the season finale on June 3rd!

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