What Do The Best Bathrooms Have In Common?

Last month we shared an exclusive reveal of one of the design firm’s latest and greatest project: a collector’s paradise in Seattle.


And some of the unexpected stars of the tour? The five bathrooms, including the one above with hand-painted walls by artist Sarah Burns. Don’t believe us? Take a look…

Ready for the big secret? Well, not a secret so much as it is a frame of mind: the best bathrooms are the ones that are decorated like any other space in your home. Rather than thinking of these rooms as purely utilitarian, or simply accenting them post-renovation with a pretty candle or soap dispenser, you can view your bathrooms as more opportunities to express your style, your favorite colors and textures. Whether it’s mixing metals, introducing a wild wallpaper, or incorporating vintage lighting or mirrors with flair, the key is to go beyond the basic.


And the added benefit? You’ve just added another room to your home that lights you up.


Photography by Christopher Dibble

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