• Beyond Wallpaper: Hand-Painted Walls

    There’s nothing like an exquisite, unexpected wall covering to take a room from mediocre to spectacular. One of Nate’s favorite decor tricks? Hand painted walls in a powder room or bathroom. They are an art form, and feel very, very special. For a project in Seattle, Nate’s design firm called on Minnesota-based artist Sarah Burns, who worked with 14 shades of grey to transform this powder room.

Nate again employed a hand-painted wall covering, this time in the master bathroom of his own Los Angeles home (below, left), with a landscape inspired by the trees lining the street outside. Longtime friend and artist James Mobley spent days hand painting the scene, that makes you feel like you’re living in a painting. Mobley also stepped in to paint the master bedroom in an episode of Nate & Jeremiah By Design (below, right), creating a truly unique room for the homeowners.



Lead image & bottom left: Christopher Dibble Photography

Bottom right image: courtesy of TLC

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