How To Make Your Living Room Instantly Cozy

No matter what winter looks like outside your front door, there’s something about this time of year that makes you want to make the inside of your home as warm and inviting as possible. So we grilled Nate for his best get-cozy-quick decorating tips. Think of these pieces as the design equivalent of hot cocoa, warm slippers, and a great book.


When it comes to textiles: “Cable knit pillows and throws, as well as anything in a tweed or boucle fabric, are going to add a cushy, sophisticated feel. And don’t forget leather – it’s a classic for a reason.”


When it comes to accessories: “Natural materials like wood, agate, and minerals add a rich, textured feel that makes the whole room feel more welcoming. Also: anything with fringe. The Fringe Woven Stool from my latest Target collection is a great example!”


When it comes to adding character: “I like spaces to feel lived in and collected over time. Antique and vintage furniture have a patina and time-worn feeling that can’t be replicated. And you can never go wrong with books!”


Photography by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter

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