Design Tricks That Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight

Daylight savings will start at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 12, 2017. That means you’ll need to turn your clocks an hour forward, lose an hour of sleep, but reap one giant benefit: more glorious sunlight throughout your day. Not only does increased access to sunlight make for a sunnier disposition, it means more hours in a day when your home is cast in the most flattering light (and yes, better Instagram photos too!).


So we called on Nate to share his best tips for making the most of natural sunlight, as illustrated by rooms designed by Nate Berkus Associates.


Start with a mirror

“I have always recommended investing in a beautiful old mirror,” Nate tells us. “And the main reason is that no matter your interior design style, you’re always going to find a space for a crusty, gilded mirror.” What’s more? “If you position it across from a window, or over a console with even a single candle burning, it’s really going to help make the most out of the light in that room.”

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