3-For-1 Design Advice: How To Accessorize A White Sofa

So you bought – or already own – a white sofa. What to do next, besides make sure you have a foolproof plan for spills and stains? Accessorize to dress it up a bit more and make the most of your blank canvas.


We asked Nate, Sasha, and Lauren to weigh in with their best advice: what would they do to make a white sofa more exciting?


(It’s worth noting both Sasha and Lauren were quick to preface their answers with: “A white sofa *is* exciting!”)


LAUREN SAYS: It’s all in the pillows

“I actually have a white sofa in my living room – I love that it feels modern and fresh and can be mixed into any interior.  But, if you’re looking to change it up, try experimenting with new pillows to add pops of color and different textures.”

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