How To Arrange Flowers, Nate-Style

I’ve always gravitated to simple, one-species arrangements – even when I order flowers. I think a dozen white roses from the grocery store, cut short in a tumbler, look a lot more elegant than anything with baby’s breath or lots of colors. But if you’re nervous or unsure about how to arrange flowers, I put together a quick cheat-sheet to create a beautiful display that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day – or really, any day. If you keep things cut low and tightly packed it’s really hard to make it look unattractive! Just keep it simple and clean – when you’re picking your flowers, buy all the same type or all the same color. I especially love roses or hydrangeas, always in white.


To keep it easy, opt for a short vase. Juice glasses work really well – or anything that you can build a mound of flowers with. Just start from the outside and work inwards. You’ll know it’s ready when the arrangement looks as tightly packed as possible.


Ready to see it all in action? Here’s a video showing you the process, step by step. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Looks easy enough, right? Now go try it yourself and make someone’s day with a surprise delivery. And show me the finished product on Instagram with #MyNateBerkus!

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