3-For-1 Design Advice: How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Some of the most valuable real estate in your home is the surface of your coffee table. Which means a totally empty coffee table, or one covered in a pile of papers… well, it’s a major missed opportunity.


The coffee table is a fantastic chance to show off beautiful, interesting, obsession-worthy things! Consider how many times a day you look at this spot. Why wouldn’t you deck it out in a way that feels 100% you? We asked Nate, Sasha, and Lauren to weigh in with their best advice.


SASHA SAYS: Keep things moving.

“I am constantly rotating the items on my coffee table to include any books I’m currently interested in, candles, flowers, or objects. I don’t think there is anything that needs to remain stationed in one place. Rather, your coffee table is a great canvas to experiment with and showcase what you want to see in the moment.”

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