3 Easy Ways To Dress Up A $10 Wreath

Somewhere between “buy” and “DIY”, there are crafty tricks to dress up highly-affordable pieces into true showstoppers – without spending your day hooked up to a glue gun.


And just in time for the holidays, we’re happy to share #TeamNate’s own Gabby Exner and Wini Mapel’s tricks for turning a simple $10 boxwood wreath into three different, beautiful variations. Ready?

“I love the look of the boxwood wreath on its own and since it does not scream holiday, it can be kept up well past December,” says Wini,  design assistant at Nate Berkus Studio. “It will slowly dry out over time, but will hold its shape and color all winter.”

And all you need to take it to the next level are your fresh floral cuts (more on those below) as well as floral wire, shears, and ribbon.


The first round is all about bringing in easy add-ins that highlight the holiday season and have major longevity – this wreath is built to last a month with proper care. Using short pieces of floral wire, tie in sprigs of Seeded Eucalyptus and Pepperberry, alternating between the two. It doesn’t have to be in a perfect pattern, but as long as your wreath isn’t tightly packed with accents, and your eye isn’t drawn to clumps of color, you’ve done your work well.

Now, if you’re looking for a bigger impact – or simply want to add some oomph after enjoying the previous wreath for a couple weeks, try this update. It will last 1-2 weeks and is especially great if you have family visiting. It simply involves using your trusty floral wire to weave in a new layer, this time with White Hypericum Berries. The burst of bright white and new texture zhushes things up nicely.

  • Lastly, the grand finale. For a final day of oomph, try round three. This is a single-day special occasion wreath – highly recommended for holiday parties or if you’re hosting a Christmas lunch. Introduce a cluster of something bold and lush just off-center; here it’s White Peonies, but White or Red Garden Roses would look beautiful as well. Add a vintage ornament as well for extra holiday flair, then bring in a final dash of dramatic Amaranthus around the wreath.


    You’re now looking at the kind of masterpiece a florist would charge you a fortune for. Which is, of course, what your guests will assume you did. Feel free to keep the secret to yourself, or go ahead and share with friends.

Ready to try things at home? Make sure you’re taking excellent care of your wreath with Wini’s tips:


-DO: Keep out of direct sunlight

-DON’T: Fear putting these outdoors. The moisture in the air outdoors is preferred over indoor dry heat

-DO: Mist! A spray bottle squirt every few days will help it avoid drying out too quickly


We hope you’ll try one – or all three! – of these upgrades. And if you do, make sure to tag us on social media with #MyNateBerkus so we can admire your work.

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