• 3-for-1 Design Advice: How To Dress Up Your Office

    You already know by now that Nate is a big believer in bringing style and personality to every room in your home. But that doesn’t mean you get to neglect spaces outside your home – offices are fair game for charming, unique, and fun updates. We polled Nate, his firm’s co-design director Lauren Buxbaum, and creative director Lauren Allan, on their tips for making office life a little more lively – and lovely.


    NATE SAYS: Raid your house

    “Personalization is everything. A desk just feels different – and so special – with a vintage frame and a favorite image. Better yet, have the photo printed in black and white for an elegant, timeless look. Another great way to make your office reflect your home style is to take one of your finer kitchen accessories  you might not use all the time, something like a sugar pot, and repurpose it as a desk accessory.”


LAUREN ALLAN SAYS: Change things up.

“I truly believe organization is the key to success. My desk is usually covered with drawings and paperwork, so I love to mix in fresh flowers when I can. I also have a massive moodboard with inspiration that changes weekly – there’s art, architecture, fashion, my latest Instagram finds, vintage pieces, and bold accessories. It keeps each week feeling alive and relevant.”


LAUREN BUXBAUM SAYS: Skip the “real” office accessories

“I style my desk exactly the way I would style any other table. Instead of standard desk accessories, fill your surface with objects you love. My pen cup is a mint julep vase, and my notepads and supplies are in an antique mahogany box, not a file cabinet.”


Lead photograph featuring the home of Dr. Ruth by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter; Lauren Allan’s desk at Nate Berkus Associates via Instagram; Brian Sawyer’s home by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter

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