• 3-For-1 Design Advice: Our Best Storage Tricks

    Storage isn’t the sexiest topic. But it does have a bit of magic to it when you get it right. Because not only can excellent organization contain clutter, it can transform it into something beautiful, and something you actually enjoy keeping tidy. What’s the secret? It depends on the person. So we asked Nate, Lauren Buxbaum Gordon and Lauren Allan (not just interior designers, but seriously organized people) to share the little tips and tricks that can take basic storage up a notch.


    LAUREN A. SAYS: Fall in love with your storage

    “It’s a lot easier to keep things organized when you love your storage and organization system. So I recommend that if you can, make the investment in built-in shelving and specialty drawers in your closet. They’re the best – they make keeping things organized easy, and getting ready each morning so much fun.”

NATE SAYS: Start layering

“I line all my drawers with paper, mostly because it weirds me out to put my underwear on a 300-year-old surface. So I just smooth on some liner paper beforehand. I’ve even been known to use wrapping paper – just pat it down, it doesn’t have to stick. It adds a nice layer, and a great-looking addition to your storage.”


LAUREN B. SAYS: Think like a collector.

“The key to making storage baskets look like a collection of accessories – as opposed to a big mess! – is mixing various sizes while keeping the materials consistent. I have a growing collection of woven baskets from trips all over the world, and have mixed in some from Nate’s line at Target, too!”


Lead image of Seattle closet designed by NBA, photography by Christopher Dibble; Kelly Framel’s bedroom photography by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter; image courtesy of Target

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