• 3-For-1 Advice: What To Do With A Daybed

    Look through the Interiors section of this site and you’ll come across a few key pieces Nate Berkus Associates returns to time after time. Chief among them, the daybed. An incredible and versatile piece you see quite a bit in designer rooms because they tend to understand the power it can bring to a space. But guess what: so can you. We asked Nate, Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, and Lauren Allan to break it down for us all.


    NATE SAYS: Transform the room with a single piece.

    “I like a daybed because it adds a different silhouette in the living or family room. Because yes, as beautiful as chairs can be – and I say this as a chair addict – you’re only going to go so far in a space with the lines of a chair or sofa, no matter what eras you’re mixing. The daybed is your chance to take up some real estate and improve the visual balance of a space. Not to mention: they’re incredibly functional. I love seeing people sit on both sides at a party.”

  • LAUREN A. SAYS: Put that daybed to work.
    “Daybeds are both functional and sculptural, which allows for bold, photo-worthy moments, that can actually be lived in! Lately, we’ve been including daybeds in master bedrooms at the end of beds; in living rooms to break up two larger seating areas; in studies so that these can be quickly converted into a guest bedroom; and in entryways in place of a bench. I love being clever for our clients, it makes our job more fun!”

  • LAUREN B. SAYS: Let it double as artwork.

    “Daybeds can be the most comfortable and cozy option in a family room or master bedroom for reading or watching TV because they allow you to sit back and rest your feet. However, I really love using a daybed as a sculptural element. There are so many interesting antique options, and I think it can create a really beautiful, unique moment in a room in a way a sofa most often cannot.”

Lead image by Christopher Dibble for NBA; center image by Bob Coscarelli for Chicago Home + Garden; final image by Heather Talbert for NBA.

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