5 Perks Of Hiring An Interior Designer

There’s no doubt that working with a professional on your home is an incredibly special experience. But this 1stdibs piece on how to hire an interior designer – guided by Nate Berkus Associates’ very own Lauren Buxbaum Gordon and Sasha Adler – reminded us of some of the most fun and fabulous perks that don’t always get attention. Here, five of the best reasons to hire an interior designer.


1. You’re getting a look that’s all you – through an expert lens.

Yes, you’ll look through designer portfolios in order to find the right vibe for you, but remember: these aren’t an exact blueprint for what your own home will look like. “It’s our job to really get to know the client and how they want to live in their space,” says Lauren.


2. You’ll get things done in the proper order – saving time, money, and hassle.

A renovation or makeover has the potential to go wildly over budget if approached without experience, or a solid plan. A designer will help you stay on track and get things done in the correct order – so you don’t end up picking out a kitchen counter that doesn’t fit with your stove top.

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