Turning The Tables: Estee Stanley

Fun fact: Designer and stylist Estee Stanley and I grew up in the same tiny city in Orange County, and I’m so happy we live in the same town again. Part of the reason is it means I’m closer to Estee’s wicked sense of humor and on-point style (start your obsession by looking at her home photos in this post), and part is the fact that she’s responsible for one of my absolute favorite new hangouts in LA.


Lunch at Au Fudge, the restaurant/creative space she recently opened with Jessica Biel and Kimberly Muller, is basically like lunch at your own home… if you had an amazing, health-focused chef, an au pair and playroom, and Estee-approved interiors. Also: a really good bartender. Because we’ve all been up since 5am. We need a drink. “A lot of restaurants are gorgeous, but they’re not comfortable,” Estee told us about the inspiration behind Au Fudge. “Here, you come, you hang, you feel happy because no one cares if your kids are screaming.”
I’m so proud to feature Estee here – she’s loved by so many stars for knowing just how to bring out their personal style through their homes, parties, and wardrobes. Here, she lets us in on her style, from her dream home location to the fabric she can’t get enough of.

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