Turning The Tables: Irene Neuwirth

I’ve always said that if I wasn’t in the interiors world, I’d be a jewelry designer – happily, in a heartbeat. So it makes sense that I’m drawn to those who excel in the field. Irene Neuwirth – she of the eponymous LA-based line and shop; also my CFDA date – not only designs some of the most breathtaking and exquisite jewelry, but is one of the funniest and most genuine people I know. Plus, the design of her Melrose Place boutique is a master class in eclectic elegance. You’re going to want to hear about her inspiration – and what she’d love to add to the space next…

Did you break any decorating “rules” while working on the store’s design?

I think we broke every rule. I wanted the store to be completely over the top and whimsical – something that was the antithesis of the typical fine jewelry store with tuxedo-ed attendants and Champagne flutes. Instead, I wanted it to be a cozy experience with a kitchen, jewelry cases in the bookshelves, and cashmere birds as decor.


  • What is the most unexpected thing in your shop?

    I think the most surprising part is the kitchen! A full working kitchen. We’re usually entertaining during lunch or dinner, and I like the idea of people walking in, taking their shoes off, and feeling very at home here.


    What does your dream house look like and where would it be?

    My dream house is a big hacienda in the middle of the mountains in San Miguel de Allende. It would be colorful and layered with all different materials, patterns, and candles, and there would be plenty of places to eat outdoors. I’d fill it with a lot of tacos, tequila, and magical memories.


  • How would you describe your personal style and how does it come to life in the store?

    Luxurious but whimsical, intentional but thrown together – just about the entire store is an expression of my personal style. I like the mix of different colors and patterns that end up looking perfectly balanced, even though they shouldn’t.


    What color/pattern/texture/style are you currently obsessed with?

    I’m obsessed with anything Lalanne. And when I make that next million – no, let’s say hundred million – I’m buying myself a Lalanne desk and bar. I can’t wait.

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