Inspiration Everywhere: What’s On Nate’s Hot List This April

Wonder what’s on Nate’s radar this April? Check out the song, magazine, app, and routine that has him hooked.


TO READ: Condé Nast Traveler. It is so beautifully produced and photographed – and has real info for planning amazing trips to destinations I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

TO DOWNLOAD: The app. I think I may have a problem.

TO WATCH: The Downton Abbey finale was EPIC. Also: Madam Secretary.

TO WEAR: Gucci. I’m very embarrassed to admit we broke down and bought Poppy gold shoes with strawberries on them… but justified that they will live on her bookshelf once she outgrows them.

TO EAT: Ysabel in Los Angeles. I’d like to eat the Brussels sprouts from a trough – like the pig in Charlotte’s Web.

TO STAY: Faena on South Beach, Miami. Read all about it here!

TO MOVE: Training with Ryan Farhoudi at Farhoudi Fitness in Los Angeles. He is killing me, but the hour passes fast.

TO LISTEN: Elmo’s Got the Moves. Thanks again, Poppy.

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