Inspiration Everywhere: Nate’s Vietnam Guide

Last month Nate and Jeremiah were in Southeast Asia, visiting Da Nang and Hoi An in Vietnam, for a fascinating and inspiration-heavy vacation. Considering your own trip out there, or just window-shopping for wanderlust? Here’s Nate’s short list of ‘musts’ to do & see when there.


MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS: The ancient ruins of My Son – you don’t want to miss these! Followed by pork sandwiches at Bahn Mi Phuong in the old town of Hoi An.
STAY: At the Nam Hai in Hoi An. It has the most beautiful architecture coupled with impeccable service.
EAT: The hotel has a fantastic restaurant. Also explore local spots, like the pork sandwich place we discovered in the old town. We were obsessed.  The trick is to go where the locals go…for food, for shopping. They always know the best places.
SHOP: There were these incredible carved 3-foot marble candlesticks used inside & outside the hotel. They were so fantastic that we had the hotel help us track down the local artisan who makes them, and ordered ten. For me that’s the real joy of traveling – discovering what is handmade, and then bringing those things back, and living with them in my home.
ALREADY MISSING: For sure, the people – so charming and constantly smiling. We would sit at a street café and literally people watch for hours. There was so much activity to take in. Oh, and did I mention those pork sandwiches…


Photos from @NateBerkus and Nam Hai

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