On Quality Time: #DevicesDown

You know those days when you work straight through dinner, barely remembering what you were eating and half-talking with the person sitting with you? We’ve all done it many times, but this year I’m officially done. As a husband, father, brother, son and uncle I am taking action to protect family time. I mean the QUALITY kind, where no one is glued to their devices. Whether it’s dinner at home on a Tuesday night or a weekend field trip, the truth is this time is too precious to be wasting it glancing at Instagram, checking news headlines or answering emails. All of that can wait. For me, it’s about a quiet 10 minutes in the morning with my husband where we check in before the day takes us away; or a hysterically funny moment with Poppy; or taking a beat when I need to deal with a difficult situation or clear my head so I can show up in the way I want to…for family, friends, for my business. These breaks, when we put our #DevicesDown, where we disconnect and become more present, more available…these are the moments that create connection to the people and places we love. They are what we will remember long after a text message has been sent, Facebook updated or a game of Candy Crush played. It really is that simple.


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