Turning The Tables: Crystal Palecek, Founder & Editor in Chief of Rue Magazine

In my line of work you come across so many talented people – editors, stylists, photographer, PR professionals, it’s out-of-this-world inspiring. Since they’re often kind enough to interview (or photograph, or work with) me I wanted to have a space to turn the tables on them. To see what makes them tick, what stories their homes are telling, and more.


For our first installment, I quizzed Crystal Palecek, the force behind the treasure trove of decorating inspiration, Rue Magazine. She and I are both celebrating big anniversaries this year: My firm’s 20th (!!) and Rue’s 5th – which is a true coup, especially considering how quickly things change when it comes to the web. I admire Crystal’s vision, business savvy, and am constantly enjoying how Rue has been evolving over the years. Make sure to check out the magazine’s holiday issue – online here – as well as the addictive Rue Daily.


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