• What Makes An Interior Timeless?

    Let’s face it. Interiors, like people, age. But, just like people – it’s all about making sure they age gracefully. Or, even better…they improve entirely with age.


    Case in point: this Los Angeles home Nate Berkus Associates worked on a few years ago. It has plenty of elements that don’t just stand the test of time, they get even better. Here’s how…

  • What’s missing in this picture? Flashy, trending patterns and of-the-moment colors. Instead its bathed in neutral and jewel-toned textures, and a fair mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical moves. Also: notice that daybed? It keeps the seating arrangement set up for conversation without making things feel boxed in.

  • More texture over pattern here: plus, classic design hallmarks, from tufting to stripes, to a side table for every seat. Also helpful, and never out of style? Fresh flowers.

  • Finally, the mixed metals, black and white themes (from artwork to tile), and mixture of curved and clean lines come together for a look that’s sure to impress guests now and forever. Not to mention, the person who matters the most – the one who lives there.


Not only are these classic design moves guaranteed to look great year after year, they’re poised to save you money since you’ll never have to replace them as trends fade and change. Timeless will always be a good look.


Interiors by Nate Berkus Associates, photography by Roger Davies, see more of the home here.

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