• #MyNateBerkus: Creative Ways To Style A Rug

    Remember when we told you the Black and White Kilim Accent Rug was poised to be the Spring 2017 collection MVP? We just got the ultimate confirmation. Because all over Instagram, not only are you all styling this rug on your floors (and trailers!), you’re getting wildly creative. We’re seeing this rug all over the house, and #TeamNate is thrilled. Check out these brilliant #MyNateBerkus photos of the Target rug from a few stylish and especially resourceful Instagrammers.


    Starting with @emilyeveryday, who perfectly illustrates how to turn a classic gray sofa into a statement piece with some major accessorizing, and a wisely-repurposed rug-as-throw blanket.

  • Next up: the rug, in its smallest form, makes its debut as artwork in one of the most honored places in a home. Feeling inspired to try this one right away? Us too...

Image and styling via @honeyandbranch.

  • And finally, the rug takes on a new life as a bed runner. It's resilient, eye-catching, and just the thing to make any bedscape even more welcoming and charming.

Image and styling by @swankonline.


You can pick up your own black and white Kilim accent rug now, and make sure to tag #MyNateBerkus so we can see how YOU styled it!

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