• Gifts For Everyone On Your List

    The sign of a well-rounded life? A well-rounded holiday gift list. We know you want to give the best to your village – from co-workers to your dogwalker and glam squad – so we polled #TeamNate for their go-to presents. Ready to get inspired, and get cracking on those lists? Starting with…


    For: Teacher

    Brass Alphabet Coaster, $12

    “Lovely for home or a desktop catchall. Get their monogram, or take the opportunity to give them an A!”

    -Tara Shade, Creative Director


    For: Co-worker

    Succulent Trio, $28

    “Because everyone should have something alive on their desk. Plus, these are cute and low-maintenance.”

    – Wini Mapel, Design Assistant


    For: Grown-up Sibling

    “Candles brighten everyone’s day! Especially Cire Trudon ones. They are chic and the scent is amazing for a man or woman.”

    – Lauren Allan, Creative Director

For: Best Friend

Cook Beautiful, $20

“I’m in love with this cookbook from EyeSwoon’s Athena Calderone, just in time for the holidays. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous cookbook, even if you don’t cook – it may inspire you to dive in come 2018.”

-Krista Blair, Director of Public Relations


For: Secret Santa

Cubic Treasure Box, $240

“Whether you fill this with jewelry, post-its, or Q-tips, it makes them all look like a million bucks. Chances are your Secret Santa pick wouldn’t buy this for themself, but they’ll love you for doing it.”

– Nate Berkus


For: Grandparents

Framed photo, starting at $39

“Photos of the kids are all grandparents want for Christmas, or ever, really, especially if they live out of town. I love to make yearbooks for the grandparents, or you can go big with a beautiful framed photo to hang on the wall. Framebridge makes the latter so easy – this large custom-framed print of my little girls priced out to be less than $100.”

– Kelly Engstrom, Nate’s Assistant

For: Dogwalker (even if it is someone in your family!)

LED Gloves, $9

“Because every good dog walker needs a pair of lighted gloves for safety.”

-Deborah Kiersch, Office Coordinator


For: Hostess

Wildflower Honey Flight, $48

“For your gracious host, go with a consumable, like artisanal honey. Sweet, memorable, and it won’t take up too much space.”

-Joanna Campbell, social media strategist


For: Glam squad (hairdresser, manicurist, or your friend who loves beauty!)

Face Paint book, $19

“This book outlines the history of makeup. courtesy of renowned British make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. Sure to appease any beauty enthusiast, both as a reference book and excellent coffee table material.”

– Gabby Exner, Designer


For: Neighbor

Table runner, $38

“My neighbors remind me of home, which is why I love giving them home accessories around the holidays –especially textiles. This hand-printed runner from Ruth + Rhoda adds an extra layer of sophistication and comfort, whether it’s on your holiday table, entry console, or draped across your bed.”

– Meredith Smerchek, Art Director



For: Teenagers

Pop Socket, $15

“This is one of those products that seems so simple and obvious that once you see it, you kick yourself for not inventing it on your own. It’s essentially a small stick on a collapsible disk that you put on the back of your phone case for a better grip when taking a selfie, or to lean your phone on its side for hands-free viewing.”

– Phoebe Craig, Office Manager


For: Little kids

Hatchimals, $9

“We get a lot of mileage with Hatchimals with my 2-year-old daughter.  The surprise of a new animal in each egg never gets old, and she loves the coordinating playsets to add to her collection.”

– Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, Co-Design Director


For: Big kids

Learn To Play Ukelele Starter Kit, $50

“There are so many cool learning activities out there – one in particular that we have given as a gift is this kit, complete with learning app and yes, a real Ukulele too.”

– Alison Wilcox, Director of Project Management


For: Babysitters

Gift card

“I always give our babysitters a gift card to their favorite restaurant, so they can enjoy a fun night out without worrying about the bill. I especially like Lettuce Entertain You’s restaurant selection.”

-Sasha Adler, Co-Design Director

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