Giveaway! + The Nate Berkus Mother’s Day Gift Guide

*THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CLOSED – check back soon for new giveaways!*


Remember when you were a kid, and Mother’s Day consisted of giving your mom a macaroni necklace you made in school? We’re willing to bet she does too – and she probably loved it.


But we’ve rounded up some gifts of the, well, non-macaroni-variety, but we know that she’ll flip for them. Check out our picks for Mother’s Day picks for your mom, friend, sister, anyone who deserves a gift that says “You’re the best. Seriously.”


But first: ENTER TO WIN your mom one amazing gift: a $100 Target gift card and a SIGNED copy of Nate’s book, The Things That Matter.


Also: a major shout-out to Nate’s mom, Nancy Golden, pictured here with teenage Nate. Nancy is the one who inspired his love of interior design when he was young, and now she’s brought her talents to an incredible line of jewelry called Goldenwear. We can’t think of a more wonderful woman to inspire this guide.

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