Go Shopping With Nate (And Pinterest!)

If you’ve ever wanted to go shopping with Nate, this is going to make your day: the Pinterest Shop is here, which means you can shop for fabulous products from all over the web directly on Pinterest… and check out in 60 seconds or less.


Imagine it as the world’s biggest, best bazaar, with experts and friends pointing out hidden gems everywhere you look. You’ll find shoppable collections from Pinterest’s in-house editors, as well as guest curators like Nate. His first board is all about summer style at home, and we dare you to take a look without finding something you’ll fall in love with, from hand-painted coasters to pom pom garland to a woven tray. Or if you’re looking to bring the summer spirit to a truly exuberant place… an inflatable pretzel pool float.


So check it out now – and get ready to embrace the “add to bag” button. It’s a game-changer, a room-changer, and, if you consider how much time you’ll save consolidating all those online shopping check-out processes, a life-changer. Use all that extra time to relax with a drink. Preferably on your pretzel float.

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