Shop Right Now: The Nate Berkus Winter 2016 Collection At Target

No matter what you have planned this weekend, get ready to add a trip to Target to your schedule, because the brand new Nate Berkus Winter 2016 collection has arrived! (Cue “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” – a song we know is technically about the holidays but we think is more fitting for whenever a new Nate collection hits the shelves… and we know we’re not alone.)


This season, Nate introduced bold, creative, and wildly beautiful pieces that feel both personal and worldly. As he puts it: “I wanted to create a collection that would expand upon the finishes, textures and details of your rooms. You’ll find that every surface, every item has a finish that makes it feel well-traveled and collected over time.” Want to see more? Scroll down for a peek at some of the pieces, and Nate’s inspiration behind them.

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