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Painting by Cuban Artist Lolo Soldevilla, Oil on Canvas, Signed & Dated 1958

Midcentury oil on canvas painting by Cuban artist Lolo Soldevilla, signed and dated 1958.

Biography: 1901 - 1971. Lolo Soldevilla (1901-1971) was a painter, sculptor, draftsman and Cuban engraver. She was one of the most important representatives of abstract geometric art in her country, and is considered a seminal figure in the promotion of Cuban Art, especially Concrete Cuban art (abstraction) with international influence. She strongly rejected nationalist figurative work of the Vanguardistas, which pushed for radical social reforms. Her methods included painting, drawing and collage.

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  • Dimensions

    Height: 26.75 in (67.95 cm) Width: 35.5 in (90.17 cm) Depth: 1.75 in (4.45 cm)

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