2022 Holiday Gift Guide


Gift giving is my love language... I tend to be a year-round gift giver - meaning, if I see something that I think is perfect for someone I get it immediately. This year's holiday gift guide is comprised of things I've come across throughout the year, and loved. Gift giving is never about how much something costs, but it's about being thoughtful, and above all: personal. Here's my roundup for the season, I hope it sparks some ideas and makes your gift-giving a little easier. Happy holidays! X Nate 

Kelly Reversible Tie Dress, Tracy James Collection ● Boon Chili Sauce, Atrio Home Store ● Round Plaster Lamps, Facto Atelier ● Vintage Paul Flato Seashell Pocket Watch, 1stDibs ● Vintage Designer Handbags, What Goes Around Comes Around ● 1970s Lucite Decorative Boxes, NateBerkus.com ● Children's Pajamas, Petite Plume

Elements Marble Table, Nate & Jeremiah for Living Spaces ● Tenet Dessert Plates, Foundrae
Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, Crimson ● Custom Jewelry Experience, Serpentine Jewels ● Work Jacket, Isto
Sherpa Sofa+Pumice Wood Chew, Nate & Jeremiah for PetSmart ● SPF Suncare, Biologique Recherche