A Bright + Breezy Beverly Hills Home Featured In Architectural Digest


If you’re wondering why Brian and Tracy Robbins seem familiar, it’s because they are: Nate and Jeremiah designed the family’s previous Los Angeles home which also graced the pages of AD. Now firm friends, the Robbins called on the designers yet again when they purchased their latest home. With this project, the design challenge was flipped: instead of ushering sunlight into a dark Tudor with not a lot of windows, Nate and Jeremiah had to figure out how to bring warmth and coziness to a modern, open house with not a lot of walls. That meant comfortable furniture, and texture in the form of plaster paint and suede curtains. The results: yet another family-friendly, personalized home that perfectly captures the warmth and ease of the Robbins. You can read the full story on AD.com.

Architectural Digest story by Mayer Rus.
Photos by Trevor Tondro. Styled by Colin King.