A New York Homecoming | Nate & Jeremiah Featured in Architectural Digest


Does this feel familiar, like we’ve been here before? The October issue of Architectural Digest recounts Nate and Jeremiah’s story of coming back to the Greenwich Village penthouse where it all began nearly a decade before. This time round, they are back as a family of four with daughter Poppy, 7 and son Oskar, 4.  The home reflects their evolution as both designers, and dads…designing Poppy and Oskar’s rooms was about infusing their personalities into the space, including lots of color, comfort and playfulness which is not usually how the duo would describe their design styles.

Scroll down for the video tour, and read the full story on AD.com

Photography by Kelly Marshall | Interior styling by Dorcia Kelle Miles | Wardrobe by Shandi Alexander
Words by Jessi Klein (yes, the author of the “Open Love Letter to Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent”)

Oh hi AD, please come in and join us for a house tour!

Nate, Jeremiah and their children relax in the living room.

With thanks to Amy Astley, Michael Shome, and the entire team at AD for their continued support and collaboration.