Nate Helps Chef Gordon Ramsay Make Over A Town - In Less Than A Week!


When chef Gordon Ramsay asks you to step in and help him rescue an entire town, you don’t say no. I mean, you’ve seen him on TV, right?

Nate was tasked with helping to revitalize the store fronts on Main Street in Ellicott City, Maryland. After suffering not one, but two, devastating floods in less than 5 years, the town was low on morale. Cue Chef Ramsay and his team, along with Nate, who had less than a week to make over the town – and everything had to stay top secret until the big reveal. 

As Nate got to work on the abandoned store fronts he wanted to make sure the people and stories of Ellicott City were properly reflected; from the history of the town to the resilience of the local residents.

First up, he enlisted Natalie Lanese – a Cleveland-based artist known for her large scale public artworks – to create vibrant murals in the historic Shoemaker Country store windows, which displayed a gallery of historical photos (with custom framing by Framebridge). Nate also created a video installation featuring interviews with locals about what they love about their town, in a nod to both the past and future of Ellicott City. For more on what Nate did to help revitalize Main Street, and for the grand reveal, you can watch this 2 hour special episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “24 Hours to Hell and Back: Save Our Town” here.