Nate + Jeremiah's Montauk Home In Elle Decor


During quarantine we really got the chance to fall even more in love with our Montauk, New York home. We did DIY projects with the kids, and were able to take our time with every design decision because, where else did we have to be? Shooting a magazine story during a pandemic was also a whole new experience. But, much like the home itself and our lessons from this time, simplicity was key. It was a pared-down shoot with only photographer Richard Foulser, socially distancing – and shooting on film! Read on, and check out the full story in the October 2020 issue of ELLE Decor.

Big shout out to Ingrid Abramovitch and Stellene Volandes for including us in the issue, Vanessa Lawrence for the beautiful story, and Richard Foulser for the photography.

The home represents a lot for us, especially being my first home near water [after the 2004 tsunami]. Design wise, we wanted nothing to feel fussy, or too precious. We incorporated a lot of pieces from our Living Spaces collection, layered in objects from our travels, vintage finds and natural materials like wicker and jute. Things that are soothing to the eye, and things that tell our story as a family.

"The pressure was off. We were building and selecting things thinking, It doesn't have to be perfect...I think that opened up something in both of us. The spirit in which we decorated and renovated this house is the spirit in which we live here." - Nate